Enactus strives to empower communities through entrepreneurship!

We fuel opportunity, drive equality, and embrace social responsibility, creating measurable improvements for our communities.

Our Core Values


We continuously question our surroundings to see if we can make something better than it was before


We are willing to do something different in order to achieve our goals, and we know that there is no better time to take that risk than now.


We know that together, we can and will make a difference this year and in future years to come.

Our Story

Enactus is a global platform for student-driven community improvement through entrepreneurship. With teams in 33 countries and over 72,000 students, we impact over 13 million lives worldwide. At Enactus UBC, we empower socially responsible business leaders to spark change. Enactus UBC was first established in 2001 as ACE (Advancing Canadian Entrepreneurship).

Join our team of over 150 members as we tackle pressing social issues through our projects, and compete at the Enactus Canada Regional and National Expositions. Together, let's make a difference in the Vancouver community.

What is Enactus?

Enactus serves as a global platform for students to drive enduring community improvements through entrepreneurial action. By leveraging their innovative spirit and business acumen, Enactus students bring their projects and enterprises to life within their communities. With a presence in 33 countries, our network encompasses 1,064 university teams and over 72,000 students, collectively impacting over 13 million lives worldwide.

At Enactus UBC, we are committed to igniting social transformation and effecting tangible change in our community through the power of entrepreneurship. As socially responsible business leaders, we empower UBC students to make a positive difference. With a team of over 150 passionate members, we continuously expand our projects, amplify our impact, and conquer new frontiers. To showcase our accomplishments, we proudly represent UBC in the prestigious Enactus Canada Regional and National Expositions.

This year, Enactus UBC spearheads transformative endeavors in the Vancouver community through five distinctive projects: Ennovate, Enspire, Seeder, Patch, and Building Bridges. Each project is tailored to address a specific and urgent social challenge that we have identified within our community.